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As you know, I love to travel. What you may not know, is that since 2010 I have been a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Guide, and Healer. You can see more here:

When I travel, I am often guided where to go; based on where I will receive the most healing, and perhaps a hotel or land that needs healing as well. Healing for a property or staff member only happens when asked at the time of my stay.

When I write reviews, I am taking into account my energetic experience. The energy of a property, and the energy of the staff has a significant impact on the business. It could be the difference between a #1 hotel rating versus a #10 rating on Trip Advisor. I always prefer to stay in the Top 10 Hotels of any location, as per Trip Advisor. Still, even hotels in the Top 10 could elevate their offerings with just a few tweaks, based on energy alone.

It is because of my love for both; traveling and healing, that I now offer Hospitality Healing.

Would you like to improve your ratings on Trip Advisor and other hotel review sites?

Did you know that the energy of unhappy guests can permeate spaces of your hotel and affect your employees?

Did you know that how your staff feels on a day-to-day basis largely contributes to the success of your hotel?

What I offer:

After a stay on your property, I will deliver a detailed report and meet with the Hotel Owner or GM to discuss which areas need improvement based on four categories:

1. Employees
2. Service
3. Maintenance
4. Energetic Vibe

Additional offerings include a land clearing, group healing for employees, and healing sessions for the GM and Owner.*

Does this sound of interest to you and for your property? Please send me a message through the Contact page, so we can schedule a 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs.

*Prices are reflective of the size of the hotel, and number of employees.

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