A trip to Mukan is a trip to the unknown. And, it is for those who enjoy true quiet and relaxation.

Located in Sian Ka’an, a biosphere reserve in Quintana Roo, Mexico, and south of Tulum, your journey will be long, though worth it, once you arrive. It will feel like you are being transported out of your crazy life, and you will be able to finally let go and have the peace you’ve been dreaming of for so long. You can wake with the sunrise and chill out with the sunset. Both happen over water. And if you’re unsure how to pack; leave your fancy high heels at home. This place requires bare feet.

Before I get into the visuals, I feel some details are missing from the website, and most reviews online about the journey, so let me give you the scoop.

Arrival to Mukan
If you are traveling to CUN (Cancun Airport), estimate about 3 hours before you will arrive at Mukan. Unless you go by helicopter, and that is indeed an option! Outside of a direct arrival by air, your choices will either be by land or by boat. The first part of travel will be by land regardless, to south of Tulum. If you’ve reserved the boat, and it’s a sunny day or even a little overcast without much rain, you will leave your land transportation at a dock near the entrance of the biosphere. When I say boat, it’s a small one; with one or two benches depending on the group size and a roof cover to keep you in the shade. Do not be fooled; it is not a yacht, as the waters in the lagoon are very shallow in some areas and a big vessel would not be feasible. And, there are no bathrooms, so make a pit stop before you depart on the water.

Your boat transfer!

The day I arrived at Mukan it was pouring rain, so a driver picked me up from my hotel in Playa del Carmen and we drove almost four hours! There were accidents due to the storm, and traffic due to flooding, and there was construction on the road in Tulum, so yes, it was a long day. The way through the biosphere is a little bumpy, though I hear it has improved dramatically since last year. And while I was visiting, many of the potholes were being filled. So the land transfer should be a piece of cake by the time you go! (If you have to go that way.)

The Land

Mukan is a tiny resort. Juan, the General Manager, will show you around and it will take about 10 minutes to see it all. Maybe even less. The Main Villa was once the vacation home of a private owner. It is quite a lovely vacation home, indeed. The beachfront bungalows, master beachfront suite, dining, spa and boutique areas are placed conveniently close together like little gems in a small village. And I say close together because you will feel more like you are staying with family nearby, than in a distant private oasis. The beach bungalows are all within earshot of each other unless you choose the Master Suite – Center of the Universe.

Also, if you love a beach walk, you’ll be able to do that for miles in either direction. You will see other local resorts and private homes, some may have a dog or two, but it’s generally very peaceful. Unfortunately, you will also see lots of litter mixed in with seaweed. It is quite a good reminder that we need to take care of our Mother Earth.

There is a dock where if you arrive by boat, you will be able to view the sunset. It is a marvelous way to end a peaceful day at Mukan. A few of the staff will accompany you and other guests with drinks and snacks, and a whiff of Copal incense to ward off the mosquitos.

The beach at Mukan; a place to be lazy.

A great place to chill with the sunrise or sunset!

Sharing a sunset with Alejandro and Juan


I had the privilege of staying at Mukan for about a week. I chose a beachfront bungalow, titled Likin (East), and it had a direct view of the sea while I laid in bed. Yay for me!

Likin-East as seen walking from the beach

Likin Suite – Perfectly comfortable for one or two.

View from Likin-East

I also stayed one night in Hunabku – Center of the Universe, the Master Beachfront Suite. It was set further away from the other beachfront bungalows and had its own path from dining.

Hunabku- filled with lots of natural light and ocean breezes!

Be on the lookout for beautiful eco-friendly architectural details throughout the property!

Center of the Universe – A private jacuzzi and direct ocean views!




All the online reviews about the food, are correct! The quality and presentation is five star! Although your options are limited, the food is fresh and if you need a little adjustment, ask! They will likely be able to prepare a dish to your liking!

Fresh watermelon with mint

When your coco water has a face!

One of my last meals, was also one of my best! Baja Style Vegetarian Tacos – YUM!

There’s more good food to be had; I love light, fresh and healthy preparations!

Things to Do

Do nothing. Relax. Read a book. Sleep by the sea. Or, schedule an excursion. Once you’re there, you’ll know whether to have a plan or just wing it.


I loved the staff. They are all happy, grateful, warm, enthusiastic and kind. During my stay, I had the pleasure of meeting Juan, the General Manager, Alejandro and Luis in dining, Ana-Maria with Reservations, Margarita with Housekeeping, and Sharon – book a massage with her as soon as you arrive! She is one of the best out there!

I was sad to leave Mukan for many reasons, though now that I know it exists, and the journey it takes to get there, I would happily return. It’s a great place if you wanted to rent out all the rooms for a private function, or visit with friends, or need a quiet and solo retreat. You will feel safe, taken care of and provided for, as the staff would gladly welcome your return.

‘Til next time, thanks for reading and Happy Travels!

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