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The Story

Live Light & Travel was founded in 2016 by Lisa Eve, an author, master healer, and avid traveler. As a travel blogger, she combined her joy of writing and travel to provide luxury hotel, destination, transportation, and luggage reviews, along with travel tips and a shop.

Combining her love of travel and writing with healing, Lisa Eve upgraded Live Light & Travel into a travel agency. She caters to solo female travelers like her, who love to travel and want the best in service and pampering. A cornerstone of Lisa Eve’s travels is sourcing properties with healthy foods, energetically uplifting environments, and authentic spa offerings.

About Lisa Eve


Hi! I’m Lisa Eve, and I love to travel!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an adventurous soul. Even when I was little, I would boldly find the courage to travel to local, and distant lands by whatever means necessary, also if it meant going solo. I remember walking, taking trains, taxis, and multiple buses to visit friends before I had my driver’s license.

I thank my parents for pushing me to get out into the world, and for the trips, we would take as a family, as this turned into a life-long passion. As of 2020, I have visited 32 countries.

Originally from Long Island, NY, my spirit encouraged me to move about the world, and as such, I’ve had the privilege of living in vacation hot-spots such as; South Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Maui, and Kaua’i in Hawaii and I have been fortunate to live in NYC, Florence, Italy, and Colorado.

Professionally, I started in Real Estate, and while I loved being of service in the areas of Property Management, Leasing and Sales, I still desired to expand and be of assistance in a higher capacity. This led to a Spiritual re-awakening in 2004, and my on-going education evolved to offer Life Coaching, Intuitive Guidance, and Spiritual Healing.

This reawakening led to the launch of a happy content-filled website, The Happy Channel which I created while living on Maui, and while living on Kaua’i, I wrote my first book, The Love Channel: Finding Your Way to Happiness.

My work has been featured in online publications, print, television, and radio. More can be read here: LisaEve.com

This long and winding path I’ve taken to arrive at the position of Luxury Travel Advisor is perfect. I was  a Virtuoso client for five years, and I know first-hand how vital it is that the energy of all your travel components is complementary to support you in your days of rest, fun and play. My world travels united with intuition makes me uniquely qualified to assist Spiritual Entrepreneurs, retreat leaders, and individuals who seek spiritual holidays and soulful journeys. When you’re ready to relax and enjoy your travels, contact me!