Live Light & Travel Retreats are about taking care of yourself in a new way you hadn’t considered before. To re-treat into oneself is an opportunity to explore the inner workings of you! Live Light & Travel Healing Retreats are coming soon to a city you may or may not have been to yet!

Would you be interested in…

  • Exploring new places while learning to balance rest and play?
  • Learning how to deepen your self-care knowledge?
  • Learning how to understand yourself better through utilizing your intuition?
  • Healing and re-aligning your energy?
  • Connecting with like-hearted souls?
  • Joining small group journeys in a luxurious setting?

These trips will bathe you in luxury; luxury accommodations, private tours, spa treatments, and more!

*There may be one or two trips a year that will have a less luxurious feel, and your soul will still receive the richness it seeks.

And a bonus, in case you didn’t know, Lisa Eve is a Healing Facilitator with more than ten years of experience providing high-frequency energy healing sessions. She will be offering in-person healings for each participant! Retreats will be an exclusive opportunity to receive in-person healing, and sessions will last up to 30 minutes! For more information about the healing sessions, please click here:
Lisa Eve Inspires Healing – clicking this link will open a new tab on

Does this sound appealing to you? Please stay tuned to this page, or send a message through the Contact page, or subscribe to the Newsletter to be notified of future retreats!

*Lisa Eve is not a medical doctor and does not practice medicine. Lisa Eve does not diagnose, cure, heal, treat disease or otherwise prescribe medication.