Hi, I’m Lisa Eve and I love to travel!

Thanks to my parents who ensured my brother and I had some worldly knowledge, every few years we’d go somewhere new. Whether it was just a road trip or flying the friendly skies, these trips often left a lasting impression on my soul.

As I grew older, travel still excited me and I often longed to get on a plane or a road trip, just the same. These days, I like to be in the air or on the road about every other month.

TripAdvisor Member since 2008; I’ve reviewed over 50 hotels, made over 80 total contributions, and exceeded 150,000 readers. Just since 2010, I’ve taken residence in 12 different homes in eight different cities. So I am a moving and packing expert too!

On this site, I focus on my positive experiences with luxury travel. If you would like to see ALL the hotels I’ve ever stayed in, including those where I did not have an enjoyable experience, please view my profile.

In addition to this website, I am a Heart Healer; moving energy in your body so you can live more freely from your heart, and I provide intuitive coaching on a personal and group level. My work has allowed me to be invited as a guest on radio and television programs.

I also have an uplifting site, TheHappyChannel.com, which is a resource of happiness that provides uplifting music, videos, quotes and more. And lastly, I published a book in 2015 titled, The Love Channel: Finding Your Way to Happinesswhich is a quick and easy read that will help you answer these ageless questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? (It’s a great book to read while traveling too!) Prior to my Spiritual reawakening, I worked in Real Estate for over 13 years.

Traveling is a life-long passion. It not only forces me to grow, to be surprised, and get out of my comfort zone, the bonus is that I always meet incredible and helpful people wherever I go. Photographing the beauty of our world is also a hobby. I will always have lots of tips and stories to share, as traveling is a way of life for me, and for all of us.

I like to travel light (carry-on only wherever possible) and the energy of a place is very important to me. All of this will be reflected in my posts and travel tips. If you have any questions, please send me a message.

Enjoy & Happy Travels!

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