Hotel Review: COMO Cocoa Island

Hotel Review: COMO Cocoa Island

“My body is relaxed here. This place is good for my CNS.” (Central Nervous System.)
After four nights on Cocoa Island, I wrote this in my journal. Because I listened to my body, I extended my stay an extra three nights until my scheduled departure from the Maldives. I originally intended to stay closer to the airport for three nights, but my body took precedence.

There’s something very unique about COMO Cocoa Island. I say this because I had several “déjà vu’s”on the first day, which continued throughout my stay. I wondered how many times I dreamt of this place! Server Saeed also commented that he thought he’d seen me before. Hmmm.

To reach that safe space where my body could fully relax, I had to overcome a challenging and scary first night. Due to a very windy and turbulent monsoon storm, I opted not to venture out for dinner and slept with the life preserver on my bed. I was staying in the Dhoni Loft Water Villa. The waves were hitting the frame of the villa, shaking it a bit. I thought the Dhoni was going to set sail! Thankfully, it didn’t. I spoke with General Manager Wisam the next day, requesting to leave or upgrade to a quieter location (I’ll pay). He generously moved me, without additional expense, into a larger villa with less wind and calm seas, and I stayed there for the remainder of my time on the island. Wisam also assured me that all the villas are structurally sound, and it’s normal to feel a little movement when the waves hit the foundation.

COMO Cocoa Island is my dream home island. With only 33 villas, one restaurant, bar, a Spa, Fitness Center, Marine Sports center, and no golf carts or bicycles, it is Simplistic Luxury. When there are no storms, it is truly a peaceful paradise.

You’ll be happy to know that COMO Cocoa Island is a 40-minute speedboat transfer from MLE. Their speedboats will pick you up 24/7. They do not let their guests stay a night in Malé; and early check-in and late check-outs are easy.

There are 6 Villa categories, and all are beautiful options. It depends on how many are in your party and how much space you want! All are well-appointed, with direct access to the sea by your private terrace stairs. Included in each villa are complimentary snacks that are refreshed daily, as well as bottled water. It is unusual for a luxury property to provide free snacks that are refreshed daily. I found this to be a great benefit, adding to the charm and uniqueness.

Dhoni Water Villa
(A Dhoni is a traditional fishing boat in the Maldives.)
Dhoni Loft Water Villa
Loft Water Villa
Accommodates 4 Guests, and 140sqft larger than the Dhoni Loft Water Villa
One Bedroom Water Villa with Pool
Two Bedroom COMO Sunrise Villa with Pool
Can accommodate 6 Guests
Three Bedroom Sunset Villa
Can accommodate 9 Guests


A sampling of flavors and preparations. All were delicious!

There is one restaurant, and it’s all you need. You can dine inside and out or order to your villa. The dinner menu changes daily, so you will always enjoy many offerings. As someone with a sensitive palate, I thoroughly enjoyed the Indian Curry. It was a “low heat” curry, and I added jasmine rice with steamed veggies. I usually don’t eat gluten. However, when traveling outside the U.S., I enjoy breads made from scratch. Binoy, a Server extraordinaire, convinced me to try their freshly made and oven-baked Naan, which was yum-yum, in my tum-tum.

Also, yum-yum, you must visit COMO Cocoa Island for a soufflé. It is so light and fluffy that you will devour it and want to order another. It’s the best I’ve ever tasted, and I don’t eat a lot of desserts anymore because of the sugar content. It was worth it, and I had three! One was shared, and the other two, I could not resist eating myself! They make them in different flavors, and according to two chefs, these soufflés are the best they’ve seen and tasted, too!

I had one of the best massages of my life on the day after my arrival to Como Cocoa Island. Chandra was the therapist, and the 90-minute Shambhala Massage was the therapy. Shambhala is the foundation of the Wellness offerings across the COMO Hotels Group. In Sanskrit, Shambhala translates to ‘peace,’ which is precisely what you’ll find on Cocoa Island. Founded by Christina Ong, the COMO brand’s focus is on living well. Mrs. Ong’s dedication to authenticity, creativity, and excellent service can be experienced by the carefully picked wellness team. Their support of you to ensure you receive what you need to heal was well noted and observed. In addition to their therapies, COMO Cocoa Island features a hydrotherapy pool where you can soothe tired and tight muscles. It’s one of a few hydrotherapy pools in the Maldives; what a treat!
There’s also a fully equipped gym, an open-air yoga studio overlooking the sea, and wonderful chair hammocks and swings for lazy days and contemplation.

From L to R, Clockwise from top left: Yoga pavillon overlooking the sea, a chair hammock for contemplation, the hydrotherapy pool, and steamed snapper with bok choy and brown rice from the Shambhala Kitchen menu.

To ensure you have the support you need to eat well, the hotel features a separate Shambhala menu that offers health and wellness options that any nutritionist would approve. I loved rotating menu selections based on how I felt for the day. Also, the treatment rooms are secluded amongst lush foliage, and even though you are still on the island, it felt like I was miles away in another secluded region of my choosing. I cannot clearly articulate what it felt like to be there, only to say that it was unlike any other place I’ve ever been to, in the Maldives and the world.

Reflecting on my time at COMO Cocoa Island, I am confident I will return. It was one of the best places I have experienced staying in the Maldives. If affordable luxury is what you’re after, this is the place. They also serve you with integrity. The small island resort has a relaxed atmosphere where you can come as you are and stay how you please. Aside from your legs and feet, there are no bicycles or other modes of transport, so be prepared to walk, and after your delicious meals, you’ll be walking them off, too. What a great way to stay healthy while on the island! Love sandbanks? This island has one! As I’ve mentioned in other reviews of the Maldives, visiting a private sandbank is a must! You won’t need to leave Cocoa Island to experience this natural phenomenon. Also, sign up for the complimentary snorkeling class. You will receive a short tour of the house reef, and if you want a longer and more private tour, it’s an inexpensive and nominal cost compared to other resorts. This is the place when you want peace, tranquility, excellent service, and comforts of comfortable luxury with quiet and an abundance of relaxation.

Would you like help booking your next trip to the Maldives? Send me a message through the Contact page, and I’ll be happy to assist!

‘Til next time, thanks for reading, and I wish you joyous travels!

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