Hotel Review: Kiota Camp

My second tented camp experience while on Safari, and Kiota Camp did not disappoint! Located in the middle of nowhere, you are far enough from the arrival of your bush plane to get lost in the Serengeti and have many animal sightings on the way to your accommodation. Woohoo!

When I arrived in Seronera, I was greeted by the biggest of smiles from my driver Guide, Elibariki. We were both elated to see one another, as my flight was delayed by over an hour! (Normal for bush planes.) Eli carried my luggage to the open-air vehicle (my first on Safari), and we were shortly on our way.

Lots of sunlight and close viewing of animals!

Lots of sunlight and close viewing of animals!

It was about a thirty-minute ride, inclusive of stops to take photos, before ascending into the hills where Kiota Camp was located.

First things first, have a drink in the lounge tent and receive a safety briefing from Godlisten. The staff at Kiota Camp does not mess around! Your safety is of utmost importance! Godlisten (I love his name!) was stern with his delivery, though, by day two, I believe I saw a few smiles. 🙂

The welcome and lounge tent!

The welcome and lounge tent!

I was escorted to my tent and it was a vastly different experience than my stay at Maramboi. Here’s what I wrote in my journal on the first night, “it’s way more tent than Maramboi. All tent. Bush bathroom? Toilet on a throne surrounded by tent. It’s very interesting. I’m outside my comfort zone, for sure, but not too far out that I feel wildly uncomfortable, or scared.”

Just a nice homely tent...

Just a nice homely tent…

Let's have a chat and watch the animals...

Let’s have a chat and watch the animals…


Bucket shower on your left, throne on your right! :)

Bucket shower on your left, throne on your right! 🙂

Let’s talk about those bucket showers. A bucket shower, if you do not know, is literally a bucket filled with hot water, and hoisted up over your tent. When you pull the chain, the water comes through the shower head, and when you have no more water, the bucket is empty. It is recommended you shower with only two buckets. I managed to do this with less than one full bucket both days I stayed there. How I did this was, I rubbed the shower gel all over my body, while I was dry and then pulled the chain until enough water cleansed my body. For my hair, I allowed the water to fully saturate, and then, with no water flowing, added shampoo, pulled the chain to cleanse, and off again. I only used what I needed.

You’d be surprised by how little water you actually need to be clean. Also, in the mornings, when it is duly cold inside the tent, I preferred not to be wet for too long. So wash quick, towel dry and get dressed in a flash, was always the plan.

Want to watch TV? Kiota has “Bush Television.” Sit around a campfire during and after sunset and listen to the sounds of the Serengeti wildlife!

Bush Television

Bush Television

Sunsets were awesome too!

Overall, the team at Kiota camp delivered, and again, I wish I stayed another night!

Thanks, guys!

Thanks, guys!

Until next time, thanks for reading, and Happy Travels!

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