Hotel Review: Rekero Camp

Hotel Review: Rekero Camp

Rekero camp was my last stop on Safari in Kenya, and I think about returning almost every day!

Yes, I have a sweet spot for Rekero, and here are five reasons I love it there!

1. The Staff
2. The Food
3. The Location
4. The Tents
5. The Animals

The Staff

Stacey and Pete, wife and husband, Manager and Assistant Manager.
I was greeted at the arrival of my bush plane by Pete and two Maasai men; Dan and Nicholas. I knew instantly that this was going to be a magical stay. Even though I was exhausted, I was also elated, and these three gentlemen put any fears I had about my next stay, to rest.

It was about a thirty-minute ride to camp, another “African Massage” but once I arrived at the camp, I was greeted by Stacey and another Maasai male with a light beverage and cold towel. I was given a brief introduction to the camp and my surroundings before joining the community table already in progress, for lunch.

This was my first time having a community-based meal, while on Safari, and it was refreshing! I was used to dining alone, and being by myself, that it took me a minute to adjust. So many lovely travelers to meet with and talk story! And most everyone was pleasant, kind and welcoming.

All the staff I encountered, from meal time, in-between time, Security, Game Drives and airport runners, were delightful, kind, warm, embracing, open, and fun!

Pete & Stacey - Cool, chill, laid-back and awesome hosts!
Pete & Stacey – Cool, chill, laid-back and awesome hosts!
My Game Driver, Mohammed, setting up breakfast!
My Game Driver, Mohammed, setting up breakfast!

The Food

One word: YUM.
Two words: Delicious and outstanding!
Three words: Fresh, healthy and abundant!

Have you ever had a meal that was so good you could tell it was made with love? That was all the meals at Rekero Camp! The food was delicious, and anything you needed; vegetarian, vegan, or more meat, was easily manifested! Nothing was too big or small of a request. Yum, yum, and more yum.

It's a beautiful day and lunch is served! Come and get it!
It’s a beautiful day and lunch is served! Come and get it!
Community-style dining!
Community-style dining, with a view!

The Location

Located in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve, the tents are perched along Talek River, where buffalo, warthog, and hippos reside. You need not go far to see or hear wildlife. It’s also very peaceful, and it’s easy to sit and meditate alongside the river. Or, watch a wildebeest crossing!

The Tents

I was in Tent #5, and that was perfect for me! It was private, scenic, serene (except when the hippos roamed at night), and comfortable.

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home
View outside my tent!
The view outside my tent!
Tent #5 Interior
Tent #5 Interior
Spacious washroom!
Spacious washroom!

In the evenings, there was turn-down service. The windows were half-closed in the main areas, and in the washroom, fully closed. If you wanted to be extra adventurous, you could leave all the windows uncovered, but I was not and did not want to see eyes in the night, other than my own. 😉
The bed was very comfortable, the showers were hot, free daily laundry was a bonus, and you could order tent/room service! In fact, the first night I was there, I ordered some soup, and it was delivered in a canister within 30 minutes. I made sure to radio in when I was finished so that no animals would want leftovers. Also, a note, there are NO outlets in the tent and no wi-fi. There is a charging station in the main tent and wi-fi in a “Wi-Fi Tent.”

The Animals

There was an abundance, and you do not even need to leave the camp!

Vulture, chillin'
Vulture, chillin’…
Zebras having a sip in the Talek River
Zebras having a sip in the Talek River
Baboon crossing Talek River
Baboon crossing the Talek River
An African Hoopoe!
An African Hoopoe!

But if you do decide to go on a Game Drive, it won’t take long before you spot (haha!) a cheetah!

This cheetah was very close to camp!
This cheetah was very close to camp!

There were many animal sightings on my two Game Drives with driver Mohammed. More photos can be seen here.

I had a fantastic stay at Rekero Camp, and it left a lasting impression on my soul. If you like to Glamp, this is the perfect place to do it!

Asante sana, Rekero!

‘Til next time, thanks for reading and Happy Travels!

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