Hotel Review: Turtle Bay Resort

I was recently on O’ahu in Hawai’i doing a tour around the island. It actually mimicked my first time I arrived on the island in 2010. I definitely think my higher-self was guiding me to retrace my steps, for what purpose I’m not sure yet, but I bet all will be revealed soon.

When I first came to Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of O’ahu, it was because of the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I dreamed of visiting Hawai’i for many years and I didn’t know where I was going, other than I wanted to stay in the same hotel where they filmed the movie. And so I did. This time, I knew I wanted to return and stay in a beach cottage, just like in the movie. And so I did!

Things have changed in 6 years, and what once was a 4-star luxury resort, now felt like a base category 4-star resort. The only reason why I say this is because of the disorganized chaos I experienced when I arrived. I pulled up to Valet, completely unloaded my car, went to the Reception desk and there was a line out the door. Thankfully, the Beach Cottages had a separate line, however, I still waited about 15 minutes before I was helped. And once I was helped, I was quickly notified that it is best for me to park near the Beach Cottages, meaning, I needed Valet to bring back my car and reload my bags. Frustrating to say the least.

After parking the car (for free) and carrying my bags, I arrived at the Beach Cottage. Big, spacious, high ceilings, large bathroom, lots of light, light color palette, beachy, and comfortable. Oh, and a direct view of the water and sunset with a hammock right outside the lanai!

In the bathroom, you had a large soaking tub and separate shower, with good light from the window that needed no covering. And the provided bath amenities were good too.

There is an empty mini fridge with sink and some utensils near the lanai, as well as a desk for working and large TV opposite the bed.

Do you like to play guitar? If yes, there is one available for you to use during your stay! I was tempted, but I opted not to touch it. Never played guitar in my life!

Overall, I liked my Beach Cottage. I did venture to the pool and beach area one day, but it was crazy busy and too much going on for me. I much rather prefer to stay on the “quiet side” and relax in front of the ocean.

And what an ocean view it was! The sun set directly in front of the cottage every evening…

It’s the only luxury-ish resort on the North Shore of O’ahu. If you like amenities, you would probably like this place. There were lots of families staying and all the kids I encountered in the cottages seemed to love it there. The bonus of the Beach Cottages is that you had your own Concierge. My concierge came every day to drop off some form of a goodie – cookies, fruit, a note, etc. And the water was always replenished. I was also able to check out from the Cottage after speaking with my Beach concierge. It’s a nice little feature!

I’m glad I went and had a nice stay. Mahalo Turtle Bay!


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