JetSmarter – The Uber of Private Air Travel!

JetSmarter – The Uber of Private Air Travel!

Have you heard of JetSmarter? If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat! JetSmarter is a mobile app that connects you with private jets, for your private air travel needs, in real time.

For years I searched for alternate options to joining a Club, since memberships were out of my price range. Empty Legs seemed like a decent option, but it was a tedious task to do this search, especially if you’re not a member of a club. Further, it was still very expensive.

Enter JetSmarter. For a nominal yearly membership fee, you can often fly for free on one of their many Shuttles, which fly to/from popular destinations such as New York–Los Angeles, New York–South Florida, Atlanta–New York, South Florida–Chicago and more! They’ve also just expanded to include a Transatlantic flight from New York to London! If the Shuttles don’t match your needs, you can also schedule a Charter at a hugely discounted rate.

Here’s the thing about JetSmarter: you will fly with other passengers, on a private jet. Unless you book a Charter for you and your friends or family, without requesting to share your flight, chances are you will not be alone. However, this can be a good thing!

For a little over a year, I had the app on my phone and watched for specific destinations. I wasn’t going to pay the Membership Fee unless I could actually use the service, and I like to travel on my timeline and to destinations that weren’t served by the app. But one night in March, I was finishing up a trip in Los Angeles and couldn’t find a flight to get back to Florida the next day. Inspired in that moment, I checked the app and there was a flight departing the following afternoon! I signed up on the spot and the very next day I was on my first private flight!

It was awesome! First, driving straight to the air hangar and waiting in a nice lounge surely beats a crowded airport with long security lines. Even though I have TSA Pre-Check, when there are fewer people to deal with, the travel is much easier. There is no security line in the lounge. You check in by giving your name, you hand over your luggage (keep your purse or small carry-on) and then wait a few minutes until boarding. You do not need to be at the airport an hour before. Whew! Show up 15 minutes before and you’re good to go!

Waiting in the lounge...
In the lounge, excitedly waiting.

So, I walked out to the jet. I was giddy like a kid in a candy store. I could barely contain my excitement. The girl who was walking us to the plane was super sexy, and I felt like I was in a movie.


Work it, girlfriend!
Work it, girlfriend!

Without holding up the other passengers, I boarded the plane and took the first seat on the right. There was already a gentleman on the plane, sitting in the seat across the aisle. And this was no ordinary man. Nope, it turned out I was sitting next to the President of JetSmarter, Gennady Barsky. Yup, my first private jet experience, with JetSmarter, was with the President of the company. These type of milestone moments usually occur to let me know “I’m on the path.”

Three other passengers, all young entrepreneurs, sat in the seats behind me. There were two pilots, both nice and informal, and one flight attendant. It was an intimate, exciting, and special experience.
As we took off for Florida, conversations commenced, and the other passengers seemed to share some common bonds. Everyone was somehow connected or knew of one another, except for me, and that was okay because I was just so grateful to be on the plane. The flight attendant was cool, and there were salads, sandwiches, and snacks available.

Mid-flight I captured this image…

Towards the end of the flight, I was offered champagne and to my surprise, I was the only one who said, “Yes! Let’s celebrate!”

And then we landed, and my transportation was on the tarmac, waiting for me beside the plane! *Sigh*

Yes, life is good. And I’m so glad I had the opportunity to fly with JetSmarter!
Does this look appealing to you?
Test out the JetSmarter experience with three months of SIMPLE membership – an á la carte, pay-as-you-fly trial period, using my Promo Code: YTVVKO

Bon voyage!

Until next time, thanks for reading and Happy Travels!

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