Silvercar – Affordable | Audi Car Rental!

Silvercar – Affordable | Audi Car Rental!

Have you ever wanted to rent a luxury car on your vacation and never felt you could afford it? Well, now you can! Silvercar is a rental car company that only rents Audi A4’s! And they are all silver!

As long as there is a Silvercar at the location I’m traveling to, I will rent with them each and every time. The best part is their pricing is comparable to other company rates, generally around $69/day!

What do you get when renting from Silvercar? The Audi A4 comes loaded with GPS, Satellite Radio, and WI-FI at no extra cost!

What I love most about Silvercar is that you never have to ride a shuttle to the airport again!* The company uses an app for their service, so download the app here and receive a discount for your first rental using referral code: LISAEVE

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the app
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Make your reservation
  4. Travel to your destination and check your app for transfer info. Usually, you need to get on the train/tram at a particular airport and go to the Rental car area.
  5. Let Silvercar know you’re on your way either via text or call. (All done through the app.)
  6. A Silvercar rep will meet you when you arrive and you will either drive off from there or the rep will take you to their nearby company location.

It’s all easy peasy! And when you return the car, you bring it back to their rental location and they will drive you, in the same car, to the airport and drop you off at your airline.

They are professional, on-time and wonderful! My excellent experiences with them and driving the A4 led to my buying an Audi when I was searching for a new car! Sold!

Want to save $25 on your first car rental? Use referral code: LISAEVE

*DEN (Denver, CO) is the only place, thus far, that I’ve had to use a shuttle in both directions.

Until next time, thanks for reading and Happy Travels!

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