Emirates: 777 – Business Class

Emirates: 777 – Business Class

My first flight on Emirates was from Dubai to Maldives. And it was in Business Class! It’s a quick 3.5hr flight, and it was full!

The cabin layout, to my surprise, was 2-3-2. That’s kinda weird, isn’t it? For business, to be in a middle seat? So I chose an aisle seat of the 2 grouping, and it was a bulkhead. (Last seat available.)

Love the Emirates Flight Crew!

The seat was very comfortable and the privacy between the seats was very good. When sitting back, I couldn’t see my neighbor.

The TV/Video screens were huge. And, the Air Show on the Emirates planes has video at the nose of the plane! So, I could watch us take off, view the sea below us and be impressed by the landing.

Overall, a very enjoyable flight. Emirates has class. And it was this introduction to Emirates that made me a fan!

Happy Travels!

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