Emirates: A380 – Business Class

Emirates: A380 – Business Class

Emirates has a reputation for having a quality product, across the board. The commercial with Jennifer Aniston definitely inspired me to fly with Emirates as soon as possible. My first experience with Emirates was in Business on the 777. I was so impressed that I knew I wanted to fly with them again. Luckily, I got my chance on my return trip to the Maldives. And in order for me to make it so, I flew from Ft. Lauderdale to JFK so I could board the A380 to Dubai.

Firstly, I’d like to note that the Emirates Lounge at JFK allows you to board directly from the lounge. There is a ramp to the upper-class cabins. Woohoo!

Upon first glance, after passing the First Class Suites was the beauty, the fresh and light-colored palate, the cleanliness, and organization of the business class seats. The configuration is 1-2-1.

You have dedicated storage overhead for your seat and also in your seat – sufficient for a small backpack. The widescreen in-flight entertainment console has over 2,000 on demand channels, so you will never get bored on your flight!


For your comfort, you will receive a pillow, a warm and cozy blanket, headphones, and amenity kit. The seat also has multiple lounging positions in addition to the lie-flat bed. And, you can adjust the light coming from your window with an electronic push of a button to lower a sheer shade and/or a blackout shade.

Need to work while in-flight? You can power up your laptop and gadgets with USB ports and an outlet.

For those who like to stretch their legs and walk around a bit, head to the Lounge in the back of the cabin! There you will find savory and sweet snacks throughout your flight, a large video screen showing flight details, open couch seating, and of course, the bar! This is a great place to mingle, talk with the Flight crew, and meet other passengers, or just chill and enjoy the open space!


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this 12 hour and 30-minute flight. The service and food were outstanding, and if you need to do any type of long-haul through Dubai, I highly recommend Emirates’ A380 for your flight.

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