Hotel Review: | The Private Reserve

Hotel Review: | The Private Reserve

The Private Reserve. Oh, My Goodness.

The Private Reserve is reputed to be the largest private overwater villa in the world! And it exists at Gili Lankanfushi, where my Maldives dreams were realized.

So, how did I come to stay at this magnificent 4-Bedroom residence on the water?

A seed was planted when I visited the first time, as I received a tour around and within this beauty.  Even though I never thought I would ever stay there, when I left the Maldives the first time, I felt I left too soon and was hungry to go back. But, why The Private Reserve? Why NOT The Private Reserve? While most of the guests there are celebrities, and big-name people, I’m here to LIVE, so I crazily booked the Reserve for a few days, and within two days of my crazy choice, I was back at Gili Lankanfushi.

Let’s start with my arrival at the airport. In my previous post about Gili Lankanfushi, I remarked that you will be whisked away on either your private yacht or private speedboat transfer. This time, it was the yacht.


Hey, I’m on a boat!

As we approached Gili Lankanfushi, I disembarked the beautiful yacht, met the General Manager, Steven Phillips and boarded the pontoon to be transported to the Reserve. It’s about a 7-minute journey and I was received in the loveliest of ways!

Now, tell me, is that a WELCOME, or what?! I loved my welcome sign so much, I asked Mamdhooh, my Mr. Friday to send it to me so I could have it back in the States.

Speaking of Mamdhooh, he is an excellent Mr. Friday. He was my assigned Friday from my first stay and the genius who gave me the Private Reserve tour, who planted the seed. Nice job, Mamdhooh!

So there I was, not just visiting, or imagining, and dreaming of what it would be like to stay there, I was actually THE guest. Wow. I was feeling so much gratitude, feeling so humbled, so much in awe. I took a tour around the PR with Steven, and quite honestly even though I had seen it before, it looked so different to me as a guest. It could also have been that I asked to have the Reserve energetically cleared and cleaned before my arrival. I mean, I know there are some crazy parties that happen there, and as a sensitive soul, I can pick up on it all. So thanks to the Spa manager, Patthama, who did an incredible job, the PR felt like a brand new space! Woohoo!

Let’s have a tour, shall we?

Your own private Infinity Pool!

And one more tour…

As you can see, it was amazing! There are far more spaces to explore, I just don’t want to give it all away! Things I did while I stayed there: I slept in each bedroom, I snorkeled and boated around, I went down the slide every day, I watched Robinson Crusoe in the movie lounge, I enjoyed a private Boduberu performance and I toasted myself and enjoyed an insanely huge breakfast on my first day!

Need I say more? This is definitely one way to LIVE!

So if this looks incredible to you, just book your trip! Visit this link for more info!

Until next time Gili Lankanfushi, Shukuriyya!

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