Hotel Review: | Gili Lankanfushi

Hotel Review:  | Gili Lankanfushi

Gili Lankanfushi is my home away from home. Well, actually, I’d prefer it to BE home as it was that special. This is one of the best hotels I’ve stayed in, to date.

I had the pleasure of staying at Gili Lankanfushi, twice, in a 5 week period. I was so in love with my first experience, I had to return right away.

Here’s what you can expect from a stay at Gili Lankanfushi…

Top-notch service, humble hospitality, the utmost respect for privacy & discretion, fun, delicious food, relaxation, and your wish is their command.

I could easily classify their service as 6-stars, as it goes way beyond your typical 5-star service.

Upon your arrival at Male airport, you are greeted outside Customs by an Airport Friday.

If you’re unfamiliar with Robinson Crusoe, for which the resort is based on, your Friday is your best friend, looking after you and taking care of your every need.

So, you are greeted by your Airport Friday who takes your luggage and escorts you to either your Private Yacht transfer or Shared Speedboat transfer, and you are whisked away on a quick 20-minute journey to Gili Lankanfushi. While on your boat, you will be asked to remove your shoes and they will be placed in bags that say, “No news, no shoes.” My most favorite part, this is where your relaxation begins.

Barefoot Luxury!

When you arrive at the jetty, your Mr. Friday is waiting for you.

An excerpt from my review on Trip Advisor, “From the moment I was on the arrival jetty, I could not believe my eyes and I was speechless. The sand was so white and the sea so blue, my desktop beach images were being realized. Dreams do come true!

On the arrival jetty!
On the arrival jetty!

I jumped in the buggy with my Mr. Friday, Mamdhooh. He toured me around the island and everywhere we went, I got out and took pictures. I was in awe.”

Depending on your arrival time, or from where you traveled, you can either go straight to your villa or tour the island. I chose to tour the island.

I stayed in Villa 27 to start and then moved to Villa 43 for more privacy. Either way, the villas are rustic, yet comfortable. Spacious, yet cozy. The sea was beckoning in the morning and night. And all you had to do was walk down the stairs from your lanai and you were having a swim. Put on your snorkel gear and the fish were happy to greet you, without needing to go very far.

Splish Splash!

Note: “No news, No Shoes” means you can walk anywhere on the property without shoes. This is a very casual resort. The only place you may want to wear shoes or slippers/flip-flops is on the jetties, as they get very hot during the day.

Bicycles are also provided at your Villa, so have a ride around the island! It’s a beautiful way to see it!

The food was outstanding. Plentiful options and very fresh. You will never go hungry there. And if you’re a dessert person, you’re in for a treat!
I highly recommend taking advantage of the different dining options available. They also have theme nights with different food stations, and your wish is their command. The food is made to order within minutes of your request. It’s not your average buffet. This is luxury taken to another level.

I had the fortunate gift to experience the Jungle Cinema and it was a delightful experience! Watching a movie on a big screen, sitting in a comfortable lounger with the stars shining above, was priceless.

Imagine what it looks like at night!
Imagine what it looks like at night!

I did a Snorkel Tour with Marine Biologist Josie and had a wonderful experience, one that changed my relationship to snorkeling, forever! I’ve been snorkeling many times, but have always had issues with my mask and it was never fun. With Josie, I learned how a mask is supposed to be worn and I felt totally at ease with her guiding me. I was so inspired by my great experience, I decided to learn to Scuba Dive! Yuri was my instructor and she was patient and I felt very safe with her!

Scuba and Snorkeling!

Speaking of great people, the staff was amazing! My Mr. Friday, was there when I needed him and not overly obtrusive. I’ve stayed in other resorts where the Butler service was overwhelming and my privacy was not respected. Not at Gili. There’s just the right amount of “tending to” and whatever I needed, was fulfilled. If I wanted to be left alone, I was left alone. If I wanted to make a spa appointment, it was handled immediately. Confirmations were made within minutes.

The Spa treatments were wonderful, so if you like to Spa, GO! When you are face down on your massage table, you will be looking at the fishies. It is so peaceful there and you will be well taken care of!

I love Gili Lankanfushi, because of the people there. The staff has a very low turnover, for a reason. People love their jobs and it shows. Truly, this luxurious accommodation has earned all accolades.

Lastly, a few tips to make the best of your stay there:

  1. This is truly a very relaxed resort. Dress as you want. You can show up to dinner in shorts and a t-shirt, no problem.
  2. If you want Privacy, either stay in the Private Reserve, Villas 32, 43-44, or the Crusoe Residences.
  3. There is Air Conditioning in the bedrooms, and in some cases, the living area too.
  4. Mosquitoes. They love me no matter where I go. And if they love you too, just ask for the Mosquito Repellant they can provide for you in the Villa. I did get bitten. It is the tropics, the humidity is quite high, I saw them with my eyes and I felt them on my legs. There’s a great product I use called “Ssssting Stop” that I bring with me when I travel to the tropics. It will stop the sting/itch immediately.

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